Cancervive Cycle Tour 2019 

Sept 26-Oct 1, 2019

NOTE: This fundraising site is ONLY for cyclists and volunteers who are raising funds for Wellspring Calgary. For Wellspring Edmonton participants, please contact Chris Reese, Cancervive GM, at

About the Tour

The Cancervive Cycle Tour is an iconic multi-day ride through some of the most beautiful areas in Western Canada.  This year, 30 cyclists will ride over 400km in 4 days in support of Wellspring Calgary, an organization that offers free programs, resources, and support for those living with cancer.  Here are two ways to get involved:

1. Cyclist: Cycle the full Tour. Registration fee: $100 (tax receiptable), plus an additional fundraising commitment of $2900 (for a total of $3000) due by August 31, 2019.

2. Volunteer: Join us on the full Tour in support of Wellspring Calgary and the cyclists. Registration fee: $100 donation (tax receiptable) to help offset the costs of participating ($1500/volunteer). 

About Cancervive

The Cancervive Foundation of Alberta is a non-profit society that organizes and administers all aspects of the Cancervive Cycle Tour. When you join the Tour you're not only joining a charity bike ride, you're becoming part of an extended family. Cancervive is volunteer-based, directing 100% of donated funds to Alberta Wellspring centres.

To learn more about the Tour, go to or get in touch with Cancervive General Manager, Christine Reese, at

About Wellspring Calgary

Wellspring Calgary is a warm and welcoming community that provides support, resources and programs to those affected by cancer.  Wellspring addresses the fear, isolation, and practical problems cancer brings to their lives. Programs and resources are offered free of charge and without a referral, so no one has to face cancer alone.

Wellspring is grateful to the organizers, riders, and supporters of the Cancervive Cycle Tour without whom the ride couldn't happen. 

To learn more about Wellspring Calgary visit