Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge 2017

Stettler Regional Fire Department

April 30th: It has been a very busy time for the team, sorry for the gap in communications. We have SMASHED our goals for fund raising! WE are so proud of the entire community we are a part of! Thanks for having our backs! See you at the finish line.


March 30th: Well that month flew by pretty fast! training is coming along well. Some of us are able to run the stairs now. We are almost a month away. We are tired and busy with our other training for the fire dept. but still manage to find time to train. Donations are trickling in and that is great. Thanks to all our supporters. 

Shaun has made a suggestion to the masses that if our last video got 200 likes then we will run the stairs while on SCBA. First one to run out of air has to buy breakfast. lets keep those likes and shares rolling in....I need a free breakfast on Shaun. 

Feb 28th Update: Progress is good, it was hot yesterday! I have to mention again what a great bunch of people we have going the distance for this cause. It is hot and sweaty and very uncomfortable after about 10 floors up, but these guys keep getting up at 5am twice a week, suiting up and getting it done with smiles on their faces. Its crazy to think after all these years of life (not saying anyone is old here) that this can be such a test of the mind and the body. It really pushes you and you learn what you are capable of when you put your mind to it and get control of your body. Concentration on breathing helps keep the heart rate in check, this helps keep your body temps in check, focusing on blocking out the fact that you are roasting and not in your comfort zone. Learning to accept all this as just a thing in the way and overcoming that is huge. Its not just stairs, its a learning experience for each one of us. We will be new people when this is done. We will be unstoppable. I am proud of everyone of you! 


Feb 16 Update:We are getting the hang of it. Congratulations to Tara for pounding the stairs with sore blisters all the way. Way to keep your boots on despite the pain. Good job Troy for going the extra bit without resting. Shaun made it again with full gear. Good job guys. Enjoy your weekend. 


Feb 14th Update: Hello again, another start to a good training week. The team was out in force Tuesday morning. Troy did great and pushed his goal to reach 40 flights without a rest. Shaun made the whole trip without shedding any gear. Tara is still getting used to the heat and sore feet. I managed to shave some minutes off my time, it was hot but worth it. Thursday will be a new day with new goals. Thanks for checking in, and thanks for you support!


Feb 7th Update: Hello all, I'd like to express our sincere thanks for all the donations that have been coming in. We had a good day training the stairs. The entire team was on deck!! Despite being a bit sore from the previous nights Gherkin test for the FD, we had a good turn out. It only gets easier as we go forward and our bodies get stronger and better conditioned. I am anxious to see the end results. 



Feb 4th Update:

We had a pretty good week of PT (physical training) Stair climbing in bunker gear and with SCBA on our backs. Heat management and endurance is the key so far. We have been limited in our training area but have made the calculations and have been making the same amount of stairs up plus the down so we get a little extra burning in the legs lol.


We are underway with our training, right now we are into our endurance and muscle conditioning and by the end of the week we should be in our bunker gear and tanks to start getting used to the heat and how to manage that well so we can make a great time in the event!

We are raising money in support of Wellspring Calgary by participating in the Firefighter Stair climb Challenge. We are so pumped take on this challenge and look forward to pushing ourselves as we climb the 775 vertical feet (1204 steps!) of THE BOW Building in downtown Calgary … in our full duty gear!

By making a donation to us, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of many! All the money raised will go toward Wellspring Calgary -- a place which provides free programs and resources to people who have been impacted by cancer, and those who care for them, so that no one has to face cancer alone)… We all know that cancer is a grim possibility in my line of work. Thank you for helping me to make a difference in the life of someone facing cancer! (For more info on the charity, visit 

Please make a donation today and help us to reach our fundraising goals and support this great cause!

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